An HIV organisation in Argentina used facial recognition to deliver a novel, individualised campaign to address the problem of high infection rates in the country – and combat the sense that ‘it couldn’t happen to me’.

The campaign, for public health body Fundación Huésped, in collaboration with Wunderman, was a finalist in the Data Creativity Awards at I-COM 2018 (San Sebastian, April 2018).

Alexandre Divet, data scientist at Wunderman, explained that the team adapted the ticket machines in doctors’ surgeries that give patients a number when they arrive and they await their turn to see a doctor or nurse. The plan was to prompt patients seeing a healthcare professional for other reasons to ask for an HIV test while they were there.

“We don't talk about HIV enough anymore,” he said. “People tend to think that this is a problem that has been solved, but it hasn’t. In Argentina the numbers are increasing; 120,000 people are affected by HIV in Argentina and 30% of the population don't even know about it,” he reported.