USAA is a financial-services provider with a unique customer base: people who serve in the military, veterans, and their families.

The San Antonio-based enterprise company – which provides insurance, banking, and investment products – has more than 12.8 million members. And it understands that its target audience immediately will detect, and reject, any message that does not accurately reflect their lives and experiences.

One demonstration of this requirement involves making sure that its ads encapsulate the multi-faceted role women play in the armed forces – be it on the front lines in the Army, Navy and Air Force, or by supporting their partners who are serving.


Wes Laird, CMO, USAA

“Twenty percent of the military are women [and] 20% of the veterans that we serve are women,” Wes Laird, USAA’s CMO, told delegates at the #SeeHer 2019 Creative and Media Leadership Summit in New York, an event linked to an initiative of the same name led by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), the trade body, and The Female Quotient, an organization focused on obtaining workplace equality.