Rob Master has three recommendations to enhance advertising measurement.

And Unilever’s vp/media and consumer engagement outlined these priorities during a session at the 2019 Cross-Platform Video Measurement and Data Summit held by the Coalition for Innovation in Media Measurement (CIMM):


Digital marketing relies on an underlying lexicon – say, “impressions”, “viewability”, and “engagement” – where shared definitions are often absent, he reported.

With individual clients, agencies, publishers, and ad-tech vendors utilizing varied signifers in distinct ways, gaining an objective view on campaign performance becomes a difficult task.

Not possessing a “common dialect or vernacular”, Master explained to the New York assembly, constrains marketing stakeholders from having meaningful conversations, and thus cannot lead to truly uncontested measurement.

“I think today that’s lacking,” he said. “So, having a common language is really important, whether this is [for] an ‘impression’ or a ‘view.’”