Businesses often amass large volumes of data without really knowing what they're going to do with it all and the digital era, with its ever-growing number of platforms and devices, has exacerbated the situation. Delivery Hero, the world's largest online food delivery business, was no different. It has 150,000 restaurant partners in more than 40 countries and was carefully tracking its NPS scores but no-one was quite sure why.

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So when Sebastian McClintock joined the firm in April 2017, it was his mission to change all that. "We needed to understand what drives the NPS, what drives customer loyalty, we needed to create a customer experience programme," he told the Qual360 Europe conference (Berlin, February 2018).

He stressed that his job title was NPS and CX director. "Our vision is to create an amazing takeaway experience," he said. "And that's a challenge." There are several factors that go into the experience, from the sort of restaurants one can order from, through the number of food and price options on offer, to whether the food arrives on time.