Why it matters

Women account for almost half of the total gaming market in the UK. As gaming sponsorship and investments from brands increase, understanding the differences between women and men in the gaming space will be crucial.


  • 47% of the UK’s 25.3 million gamers are women.
  • Women are responsible for the majority of app gaming revenue in the UK, where a lot of gamers who don’t fit the typical profile play.
  • Though women and men’s top 10 games don’t differ all that much, women tend to favour single player, immersive gaming rather than big multiplayer online games.

If your image of a gamer in 2020 is that of a sweaty boy in possession of a trilby and wallet chain, then you’re sorely mistaken. Last year, women contributed just under half of all video gaming revenue in the UK but are the demographic driving growth in the industry, new research reveals.