Uber goes big with A/B testing, localization and experiential marketing

Anna Hamill

With ride-hailing service Uber now ubiquitous in more than 450 cities and 70 countries worldwide, it's easy to forget that the service started small.

In Hong Kong, home to more than seven million people and one of the most densely populated cities on earth, small really meant 'micro'.

Uber's Head of Operations for Hong Kong, Kenneth She, revealed that when the company launched in the city in mid-2014, it had just ten cars in operation.

"It was really amazing because within a couple of minutes, nine cars were all occupied by riders – and that's how we thought it out," said She at ClickZ in Hong Kong recently.

It didn't take long for the number to grow, and exponentially. As Uber celebrated its second anniversary in Hong Kong, its number of drivers had risen to over 10,000, with more than two million journeys completed – enough mileage to circle the earth 1000 times.