At a glance

Online gaming platform Twitch commands a high level of engagement from users, because of its live nature and the communities that are built around star streamers.

Why it matters

Gaming is huge, but advertisers still tend to opt for traditional media or digital media they understand. As Twitch branches out to include coverage of traditional sports and to bring in news and entertainment content, the platform can act as a bridge for advertisers to connect with the gaming audience in a way they’re more used to.


  • Ads on gamers’ streams are live and not skippable.
  • Gamers are not a simple demographic – they’re interested in more than just gaming.
  • Streamers can act like influencers and increase awareness among hitherto untapped audiences.


Gaming is big business, bigger than TV and bigger than movies and music combined, but it doesn’t register with brands and advertisers in the same way. Walker Jacobs, CRO at gaming platform Twitch, has some ideas why this might be.