Six-second ads generate comparable digital attention to traditional spots, according to new Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience research commissioned by Turner Broadcasting Co. – a finding that echoes the results of a recent Advertising Research Foundation (ARF)/TVision study.

“We started to take notice in 2017 when Fox aired six-second spots during the ‘Teen Choice Awards’,” Beth Rockwood, Turner’s vp/portfolio research and chief of staff, told delegates at the ARF’s AUDIENCExSCIENCE conference.


Beth Rockwood, VP, Turner Broadcasting Co.

“It was fairly apparent that a six-second unit, in isolation, had a pretty good chance of having good communication,” she offered. But, bonding together a series of six-second messages in a pod raised another set of questions: Could such packaging offer an opportunity to shrink ad time and increase program time? And, if so, how would the short-form spots perform if they were presented in such combinations?