Last summer, Uxin – a Chinese online used car platform – had a cameo in perhaps an unexpected place: the latest installment of the Transformers blockbuster franchise.

The high level play reflects the growing influence of the company in China's booming e-commerce space and also the company's role in the country's sharing economy.

The Hollywood invasion, according to Uxin Group's chief marketing officer Cindy Wang, is all part of a "high level branding strategy" that has already seen China's largest pre-owned car platform – which Wang dubbed the "Amazon in automotive space" – surpass over a million car transactions since its launch in September 2011. Investors, too, are seeing the attraction: Uxin secured a US$500 million funding round in early 2017.

Wang shared some learning points about China's online automotive industry, and the country's sharing economy at the Millennial 20-20 conference in Singapore recently.

Lesson 1: Establish brand trust