For those who have never had an epileptic seizure, the experience is difficult to imagine – what people often think of as a seizure covers a broad swath of different forms. For parents who have to witness their child go through the trauma over and over again, the experience of repeated trips to the doctor, the trial and error of different drugs, is emotionally draining. Indeed, some variants of the condition are even drug resistant, and they begin early in the patient’s life.

Among some patients, the seizures can climb to a rate of hundreds every single day, inflicting developmental strain and cognitive impairments on the child. The triggers could be as simple as a child’s excitement at seeing their parent returning home from work.

It’s extremely hard on the family. Full-time care givers have to leave their jobs or cut their hours. In the US, the combination of a reduced income and constant medical bills can be punishing. Some desperate parents have, however, made the claim that there is a solution.