ThirdLove, an online bra and underwear retailer, draws on a mass of precise numbers to understand the most personal and intimate of products.

“We use data to connect with our customers, create better experiences, and, ultimately, create a better product,” Ra'el Cohen, ThirdLove’s chief creative officer, told delegates at the 2018 CommerceNext conference in New York.

Central to this effort is “Fit Finder”, a digital questionnaire that takes less than five minutes to complete, and asks a visitor to ThirdLove’s website about the size and brands of bra she has previously worn, any consistent sources of discomfort, and her breast shape, according to Cohen. “And the Fit Finder recommends the best size and style for her,” she reported.

As well as ensuring the customer gets a better-fitting bra, this tool generates rich insights for the five-year-old San Francisco-based enterprise to leverage across its business. “So far, over ten million women have done the Fit Finder, and we have over 600 million datapoints. That's a ton of data. And we can use it in a lot of different ways.”