The television industry in markets with developed advertising economies faces a stark choice. According to Rhys McLachlan, Head of Global TV Strategy for ad tech company Amobee, that choice is between sleepwalking into a future where the market is dictated by a small number of powerful global players or retooling the industry to create a progressive business that provides fast thinking and best-in-class solutions for advertisers.

Speaking at the Future of TV Advertising Forum (Sydney, February 2019), McLachlan argued that many executives are complacent in spite of some alarming statistics. The most concerning of these is the suggestion that for every dollar forecast to be reduced from TV budgets across the next four years, $70 is going to go into digital channels.

“I have been somewhat surprised about this absence of urgency, this absence of alarm about stats like this,” he said. “We find ourselves at a frog-boiling moment. It might feel quite warm right now, it might feel that we’re doing okay. The fact of the matter is that there is a distortion happening in the market and that distortion matters.”