MediaMarktSaturn is a retailer for the digital world, according to its chief executive Pieter Haas.

That wasn’t always the case. A few years back, he admitted, many people would have had the European consumer electronics retailer on a list of those unlikely to survive the initial digital onslaught of e-commerce. And certainly MediaMarktSaturn was slow to react to this development. That issue was common to all retailers, Haas noted, “but to us something else happened, because we actually sell digital life to people. It’s not just digital impacting us – we’re the ones selling you the products that you need to live your life in the digital world.”

The digital opportunity

“Our role has changed completely,” he told an audience at dmexco (Cologne, September 2018). “We’re no longer just supplying products, we’re making sure you can live your life in the digital world, that your iPhone is working, that your tablet is working, that your television is really smart.”