The Seven Deadly Sins of bad marketing

Joseph Clift

While one major aim of Global Marketer Week, a series of events organized by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and held in Marrakech in March 2015, was to celebrate best practices in brand communications, one session in particular stood out – by giving examples of brands getting it wrong.

Based on research conducted by the trade body and digital agency We Are Social, this presentation outlined "Seven Deadly Sins" that marketers are committing, and suggested ways brand owners could avoid sinning in future.

In turn, the research forms part of Project Reconnect, a broader initiative from the WFA, working in collaboration with its members, to "better align brand and marketing strategy with people's changing expectations in the digital age".

The research findings

Given the digital nature of Project Reconnect's mission, it is unsurprising that the We Are Social research focused on online touchpoints – specifically, Twitter. In all, the research measured 5 million tweets and 670,000 Twitter mentions of brands. Of these 5 million tweets about brands, 2 million were negative. "Brands are under attack, from everything from untrue green claims to the global financial crisis," said Jon Wilkins, executive chairman of Karmarama, the creative agency.

Seven Deadly Sins