“Gen Z is the first truly mobile-first generation and are coming of age, meaning retailers need to think differently when targeting this digitally savvy set of shoppers,” according to Chris Dubreuil, Managing Director EMEA of Research Now.

At YMS 2018 (London, March 2018), an event organised by Voxburner, he outlined the key findings of a research study into Gen Z’s retail behaviour. This covered seven countries – the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Australia and the USA – with 1,000 members of Generation Z surveyed in each, but his focus was on the UK.

GenZers in the UK are more likely than their counterparts in any other EMEA country surveyed to describe themselves as “independent” and “individual”, he revealed. They also see themselves as honest, open, funny, realistic and reliable (adjectives which were common across all countries surveyed). This should provide insights for savvy retailers, explained Dubreuil, who need to demonstrate that they understand the individual and customise their end-to-end shopping experience.