It’s been less than 12 months since Electrolux embarked on its media transformation programme, a major feat given the business spends around 30% of its marketing budget on media.

Speaking at the Programmatic Summit in Sydney, Marty Carroll, Global VP Digital Marketing, Electrolux Global, explained how the business began the shift.

“Last year we brought together different people from across our organisation and different geographies for a pretty intense session where we looked at how we conducted our media, managed our media [and] brought our media right across the world. We realised that we have some gaps,” he said.

Electrolux is headquartered out of Sweden and sells appliances to more than 150 markets across the globe. Its brands include Frigidaire and Westinghouse and in every market (bar Brazil) the manufacturer flogs its wares through retail partners, which makes attribution and control of the customer journey difficult.

This, alongside what Carroll calls the “liberation of devices and touchpoints” that consumers are experiencing, was behind the decision to review its processes around media. And, of course, a desire to streamline and potentially generate savings through efficiencies. Carroll said: “We realised there was a lot of value at stake, but also that represents a significant opportunity for us as a company, to drive change and efficiency inside the business.”