Marketing has failed to advertise relevantly and respectfully to people in the over-50s demographic. A succession of speakers at the Mature Marketing Summit (London, October 2017) argued that, both in marketing and among marketers, this age group is under-represented in advertising and only by being more inclusive and non-patronising can this be corrected.

Embrace late radicals

"Does advertising have any idea how to talk to the biggest consumer spending group of all time?" asked Robin Wight, President, Engine Group. "It's a resounding no!"

This is particularly disappointing, he said, considering that "the over-50s spend 41% of all disposable income". Despite that value and the importance of connecting with over-50s, only 5.6% of the UK advertising industry is in that demographic – the average age of an advertiser is only 33. For Wight, this is a critical reason why advertisers are failing to communicate to older consumers. "Our industry worships at the altar of youth, both in the people it hires and in the people it aims its messages at."