Who now bothers to check their pocket/purse/wallet for the reassuring presence of a couple of crisp £20 notes before leaving the house? Do men even have (physical) wallets anymore? It takes a while to reach a tipping point but when it comes, wholesale change follows rapidly. Contactless payment is now widely accepted, many people don’t bother with cards preferring to use mobile payment. In London, even the buskers now take card payments.

The changing nature of money affects how we think about it and how we use it, Josh Glendinning, research manager at Opinium, pointed out at the MRS Financial Services Research conference (London, November 2018).

An Opinium survey of younger fintech users, for example, showed how both their financial and emotional behaviours have changed with the embrace of app-based accounts and bill-splitting apps. With the former, they’re setting up joint accounts earlier, partly because of the ease of “sofa-based set-ups”, but also for convenience and keeping track of spending – and to feel close to the other person.