At a glance

Annabel Fribence, CMO of KFC Asia Central shares the QSR brand’s approach to delivering meaningful and consistent marketing across markets in Asia.

Why it matters

KFC has built a reputation for being progressive in the way it deploys its marketing spend across the Asia Pacific region. And Asia CMO Annabel Fribence believes that marketers who don’t deal well with change will not be able to truly enjoy the craft and embrace the opportunities available.


  • Allow data to inform marketing strategies: “Our strategies are so dynamic and shifting all the time. A lot of what we believe is true today is disproven tomorrow.”
  • Get creative through all channels: “The definition of creativity is not in video format.”
  • Be wary of over-creating content: “We don’t need to create a short form video for Instagram Stories if it’s not delivering sales.”
  • Make brand purpose relevant to local markets: “You are able to lean into conversations… we get a lot more negativity in the press, but we get stronger connections as well.”
  • Drive innovation in the company: “If marketing is not close to being fired, then we are not playing our role.”
  • Have strong commercial acumen: “Being able to talk through the financials and truly interrogate the P&L statement gives us the strongest voice at the table.”