Why it matters

At a time of consolidation in many parts of the media industry, marketers need to decide whether a house of brands or branded house will make the best use of their assets. Adding scale through merging brands can risk losing equity that has been established over an extended time period. Takeaways


  • Merging brands with similar strengths can deliver advantages of scale and knowhow, but this approach should be pursued with due caution given the potential loss of equity.
  • Each brand will have a distinct audience, and thus potential learnings about different audience cohorts that can help their sister brands.
  • Understanding which brands can serve as an entry-level product, and offerings that represent a premium upgrade, can help marketers determine their portfolio strategies.

Digital radio – think, audio feeds from live entertainment events, podcasts, and curated playlists that follow consumers wherever they go – has become a powerful out-of-home element in the consumer-engagement mix.