Data from analytics companies and academics suggests the key to consistently higher marketing return on investment (ROI) is synergy and taking a multichannel approach.

Paul Sinkinson from analytics consultancy Analytic Partners told the IAB Measure Up conference in Sydney that putting the majority of a marketing budget towards one channel was such a weak marketing strategy, he would hesitate to even call it that.

“Let's be honest. Ninety percent or a hundred percent on any one channel, you don't have a marketing mix. I'd say you probably don't have a marketing strategy. You've got a channel strategy,” he said.

Sinkinson was quick to point out his only interest is delivering better results for marketers as he urged brands and agencies to apply greater rigour when processing industry-led research. Through data from multiple studies and peer-reviewed academic papers, as well as the utilisation of a unified measurement model, Sinkinson said he and his team have come to clear conclusions about how various marketing activity affects sales for brands.