The BBC’s Doctor Who first aired in 1963, and while the franchise has accrued a large and loyal following, in recent years viewership had been dropping off.

In 2017, Chris Chibnall, a longtime Doctor Who fan who had written for the series, took the reins of the program and pitched a bold new direction. Sally de st Croix, Global Franchise Director for Doctor Who at BBC Studios, told the Mumbrella Entertainment Marketing Summit in Sydney: “I remember being in a meeting where they said, ‘Sal, imagine if the show has just gone off-air for five years. It’s been utterly rebooted. That is the show that we want to make’.”

The most notable change Chibnall instituted was the show’s first female lead in 55 years, with Jodie Whittaker cast as the eponymous Doctor. While Doctor Who is a long-established brand in a number of markets including the UK and Australia, it is less mature in other regions which would require a campaign that spoke to a range of different audiences.