Reebok employees … just do it

Stephen Whiteside

In February 2014, Reebok – the sporting-apparel group – unveiled a new brand positioning, moving away from its previous focus on elite athletes to target fitness junkies across America.

Ben Blakesley joined the Canton, Massachusetts-based firm as its senior manager/global social media the very same month. And he soon learned that many of his colleagues personified this commitment to exercise as a way of life, and thus had the potential to become authentic ambassadors for the brand's new "purpose" on services like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

"Nearly 80% of our workforce is part of our target demographic – the millennial generation that is out there doing the things that we talk about every day," he told delegates on a webinar held by SocialChorus, the employee-advocacy platform.

More than 500 members of Reebok staff, for instance, usually tackle the CrossFit workouts taking place at company headquarters each morning. And that laudable habit brings its official partnership with the popular fitness routine to life both at the firm's corporate campus and on social media, as the participants frequently post updates concerning this activity.