When Annabel Fribence, Group Marketing Director of KFC in Australia, started in her role, she came armed with a plan to fix KFC by introducing healthy menu items but she soon learned the best results would come from embracing the ‘Dirty Bird’. Fribence outlines the five-point plan behind 25 consecutive quarters of sales growth and explains why she has halved her TV spend in recent years.

When Annabel Fribence was headhunted for the role of Marketing Director at KFC Australia, she was reluctant to even consider the position.

“I actually laughed out loud and nearly hung up on the bloke because why on earth would I want to work for the Dirty Bird?” she said at the Mumbrella Retail Marketing Summit in Sydney.

Despite her resistance, the recruiter persevered: “He called me back and told me that despite the brand being in decline, despite huge competition, despite the category being flat and facing strong headwinds from healthy options, the people are wonderful. And the opportunities are endless,” she said.