Pershing closes the marketing/technology gap

Stephen Whiteside

Marketers depend on new technology to help them leverage digital media, ecommerce and big data – but often find their ambitions thwarted by opposition in corporate IT departments and legacy thinking among agencies.

One exception to this rule is Pershing, a unit of BNY Mellon which provides cutting-edge outsourcing solutions for 1,500 clients – spanning hedge funds, investment advisors and broker-dealers – in fields such as marketing, enterprise data management and trade services.

According to Maureen Duff – Pershing's managing director/head of global marketing – its success in straddling the marketing/technology divide is based not on outsourcing, but on centralisation. "We are fortunate," she said during a webinar organised by the CMO Council. "We are a centralised marketing team. We operate as an internal agency supporting Pershing and all of our affiliates.