At a glance

Panda Express, the restaurant chain, built a campaign around Lunar Year as part of an effort to spread the word regarding the culture and traditions that inspired its brand.

Why it matters

Brands with an origins story that can resonate with people have the potential to educate consumers and build deep, emotional ties with their target audience. As millennials and Generation Z are the most diverse cohorts in US history, cultural connectivity also has the power to exert a significant influence.


  1. Panda Express’s campaign around the Lunar New Year aimed to mix education and entertainment with tangible marketing outcomes.
  2. The brand used experiential marketing, as well as an outreach program aimed at schools, to help build awareness and excitement around Lunar New Year.
  3. By tapping into the tradition of gift-giving associated with Lunar New Year, the brand was able to entice customers to pay a return visit to one of its restaurants.