Mondelez International’s Oreo is more than a cookie, more than a snackable brand. It’s an American icon – and its custodians fully expect to promote the delectable snack using a vast mix of consumer touchpoints.

Reports Justin Parnell, senior director/Oreo at Mondelez International, “We are creating culture to become a sustainable, long-term, growing brand that consumers adore and love.”


Justin Parnell, senior director/Oreo, Mondelez International

And the matrix of brand extensions over time has created a web that cuts deep into a variety of lifestyles and interests – as shown by an almost endless slate of Oreo flavors, from Strawberry Milkshake and Mississippi Mud Pie to Wasabi, Carrot Cake and Waffles & Syrup.

“The brand is over a hundred years old,” Parnell told delegates at the Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) 2019 Brand Masters Conference. “For generations, we’ve been creating special moments of joy among kids and families through playing with Oreos.