#OrangeSponsorsYou is the mobile operator's first global sports sponsorship program and when it took on the sponsorship of the 2016 UEFA European Championship (the Euros), held in its home market of France, its mission was to make the fans the stars of the tournament.

"We wanted to galvanise our sponsorship activity around football but from a slightly different angle," Darren Hanson, director of strategic consumer insights and segmentation at Orange Group, told the MRMW Europe conference (Berlin, November 2017). That meant shifting the usual focus on the players away to the fans who make up its customers.

The idea, he explained, was that "Orange brings fans closer to the Euros so they can get more from it – we're going to add to their experience – and that Orange rewards fans for their passion". Lots of research went into the process – ad testing, cross-channel media efficiency modelling, brand tracking, "all of the things you would expect to give us lots of numbers, lots of dashboards, lots of reassurance to the business that it was doing the right thing and was going to be successful.