Optimising video: learnings from YouTube, Facebook and Videology

Brian Carruthers

Brands and agencies need to totally change their mindset when it comes to video advertising, according to Richard Waterworth, head of YouTube marketing in the UK. The media world is changing hugely but there have been few changes in the way brands and agencies plan, create and execute campaigns he told the IAB Video Conference, held in London in November 2015.

Integrated to interconnected

So when YouTube set out to create a brand awareness campaign, he was determined to go about things in a different way and to have agency partners embrace a shift in approach "from integrated to interconnected". Achieving the latter, he argued, meant enabling agility and having the ability to respond quickly to a changing situation.

But even in the brave new world of video, the fundamentals of a campaign – reach, impact and results – don't alter. Although Waterworth did note that the decision to opt for a digital-only approach for a pure brand awareness campaign opened up room for experimentation. And having produced 40 different pieces of creative meant there was certainly plenty of scope for that, across retargeting, context, branding and mobile. The team made extensive use of Google's Brand Lift tool as it tweaked content and swapped assets in the search for the best possible results.