“I walk into people all the time walking down the street, and they're looking at their phones,” remarked Megan Clarken, chief commercial officer at Nielsen Global Media.

“At home, there is a TV – or two TV screens – and people are looking at their iPads. There’s just this incredible ability for us to do more than one, more than two, more than three things at the same time.”

For Nielsen, and the much larger community of market researchers, so many engagement occasions translate into what, otherwise, would seem to be an incomprehensible amount of time spent on one platform or another (often at the same time).

“Multitasking” isn’t just about the soccer mom who holds down a 37.5-hours-a-week job, prepares three sets of family meals a day, and spends a half-hour right after dawn on a Peloton indoor exercise bike. It’s also about the millennial sports fan who sits in front of a game stream on mlb.tv, reads a running pitch-by-pitch narrative on espn.com, tweets his frustrations with the home-town team on his mobile device, and queries Amazon Alexa about the velocity numbers for a pitcher just summoned from the bullpen.