Older readers may remember a time before smartphones, before even mobile phones perhaps, or a time when the World Wide Web was still no more than an idea in the head of Tim Berners-Lee. But Generation Z, those born any time from the mid-1900s to the mid-2000s depending on one's definition, have never lived without a mobile device, or experienced an unconnected world, noted Ian James, general manager/international at Verve Research.

And, he told an audience at the MMA London Forum (London, June 2017), Verve's research among this demographic in the UK had found "some pretty extreme thoughts about the importance of the mobile device to these particular consumers", a group he described as "mobile prodigies".

For example, 60% said that they would rather lose their wallet than their mobile phone. "I think that's really a clear indication of the shift that the mobile device has taken, from being what was a communication device, to now becoming a utility device," James noted.