The millennial generation, fast and furious as they scroll through shiny screens on their mobile devices, are somehow able to consume content at “lightning fast speed”.

Calling it “F1 in terms of how the brain works”, Twitter’s head of research in Asia Pacific and MENA Martyn U'ren, who spoke alongside Twitter’s Southeast Asia MD Arvinder Gujral recently at the Money 20/20 Asia conference in Singapore, suggested this consumption behaviour is less about mindless scrolling than active processing.

“What we see in campaigns is that we can actually see some brands able to communicate [to them] in the first 0.25 of a second,” U’ren said.

Enter the Asian millennials

The size of the millennial pie is huge in APAC, where numerous statistics show the domination of this demographic in the region.

For instance, market research company eMarketer forecasted Asia to be home to over half of the world’s millennial population by 2020 – though right now in 2019, the millennial population in India already outnumbers that of the US, while the number of Chinese millennials alone dwarfs the entire US population.