MGM Resorts cracks Facebook code with online video

Reed Karaim

Nobody can put on a show like the Las Vegas hotels and casinos that form the core of MGM Resorts International, the gaming and resort firm with 23 properties around the globe.

But until two years ago, a company that prides itself on its ability to engage and entertain had fallen short of both in the world of social media.

"Social content certainly wasn't something we thought about on a regular basis," Beverly Jackson, VP/Social Media and Content Strategy at MGM Resort International, told delegates at the 2017 Digital Summit Phoenix. "We had Facebook pages and Instagram pages, but they were all sort of siloed in individual properties."

Although maintaining separate brand identities for its various properties was important, MGM recognized it needed to significantly build its online presence, Jackson said, and unify it around a central theme. "That central theme, and you can see it in everything we do, is that entertainment is a fundamental human need," she offered.