McDonald's targets millennials with bespoke burgers

Stephen Whiteside

McDonald's is feeding consumer engagement by tapping into the legacy of one of its fiercest rivals.

For 40 years – until the middle of 2014 – Burger King offered consumers the chance to "Have It Your Way". Six months later, in December 2014, McDonald's stepped into the same space with a "Create Your Taste" program, largely in response to the millennial passion for customisation.

It's a make-your-own-meal that has virtually nothing in common with the work Burger King first brought to the marketplace in 1964. The 21st-Century initiative lets diners use in-store touchscreens to tailor a burger or sandwich, whether by adding a few of the 30 extra ingredients made available, choosing an artisanal bun or topping their culinary masterpiece off with jalapeños.