Adam Ferrier, founder of Thinkerbell, says people don’t want personalised messaging from brands because they like to follow and any brand that promises to be real, different or personalised is bullshitting. Stuart Gurney of media agency PHD disagrees. He says there is evidence to support the effectiveness of personalisation but right now, confining the practice to the bottom of the funnel and using it to only drive short term results is giving it a bad name.

According to Ferrier, mass personalisation is on the fast track to killing brands. PHD’s Gurney took the opposing stance.

Ferrier came out swinging with a five-point explanation for how he came to his conclusion – his first point being that people don’t care about brands and marketing.

“You’re all busy, you’ve all got lives. You’ve all got families and friends and things to do. You’re all tired at the end of the day. You all want to reward yourself occasionally. The last thing you want to do is have a conversation with a personalised brand that says X about you,” said Ferrier at the AdTech Sydney event recently.