Marketing heaven postponed: the rise of the 'deletist consumer'

Lena Roland

More data should be "marketing heaven" because it suggests marketers are able to find out more information about their customers and can therefore engage with them more effectively. The reality, however, is somewhat different, according to Martin Hayward, SVP/global digital strategy & futures at Aimia, the loyalty analytics company.

The deletist consumer

"How come we're badgering people to death until they reach the point when they unsubscribe from our advertising?" he asked an audience at The Personal Information Economy 2015, a conference held in London in December 2015. He cited research that found just 8% of consumers globally feel they are receiving better offers as a result of sharing their data. So why isn't Big Data big enough, he asked?

Attempting to answer his own question, Haywood argued that modern marketing has become increasingly science based, and the reliance on algorithms, which depend on data rather than human insight to understand consumers, comes "at the cost of serendipity". Creativity and qualities such as humour are in danger of being overlooked.