Changi Airport in Singapore is well-known as one of the best airports in the world, and the gateway to South East Asia for travellers.

“Changi Airport handled 62.2 million passengers last year. That’s 80% foreigners, 20% locals, in broad segments. 30% are low cost, 70% are full service,” said Jeffrey Loke, senior vice president of pricing and commercial strategy for Changi Airport Group, at Adobe Symposium Singapore.

“(But) the question that we’ve always asked ourselves is, ‘How well do we know them?’”

Singapore’s airport has been quietly transforming its passenger experience in 2018 with just one tiny but powerful digital addition: a splash page that is displayed when travellers log on to the free airport WiFi.

The move came from a bit of soul-searching as the company realized it knew very little at the individual level about the millions of passengers who pass through the airport, which is renowned for its shopping, every year.