Less wealthy, less happy, less trusting: The Futures Company on the UK consumer outlook for 2012

Joseph Clift

Across the world, and particularly in Europe, governments, businesses, communities and households are still reeling from the impact of the credit crunch and economic downturn that begun in 2007-08.

The UK was hit harder than most by the "great recession", and could now be facing a double-dip if latest official GDP figures are to be believed. The background to this latest stage of the crisis, and the way it is reshaping the consumer mindset, was the subject of a briefing from The Futures Company held in London in January, 2012.

The impact of the eurozone crisis

The main factor behind the current global economic turbulence is the ongoing debt crisis in the eurozone. The Futures Company has been conducting research with Strategy Economics, a consultancy, to track possible scenarios for the region. This research will be the subject of a forthcoming Future Perspectives report.