Lego is a brilliant invention, one that continues to be popular with kids (and adults) even in the age of digital devices, Netflix, and Snapchat. One of the more recent innovations for the Danish toymaker is operating its own shops, which are now a key channel for the brand, according to Martin Urrutia, Head of Retail Innovation, and Cindy Chu, Global Shopper Insight Manager, both speaking at the Omnishopper International conference (Barcelona, November 2017).

The company's incredible story – having quintupled sales since 2004, according to the FT – has meant some recent shocks to the system, with several changes in company leadership in a very short period. And as the company has grown, it has needed to work hard to maintain the creativity and originality that sit at the core of its brand. The move away from primarily selling through third-party retailers and toward its own stores in the 1990s led to the development of a key media channel for the brand – a place where both adults and children can experience the brand in its totality.