After working together for more than 20 years, the relationship between KFC Australia and its media agency Mediacom changed dramatically in 2015.

The catalyst for the shift, according to Mediacom CEO Willie Pang, was a change in leadership with the appointment of Michael Forster, KFC’s Group Digital Marketing Manager.

“It has taken the injection of Mike and his skill set at both an entrepreneurial level and a technical expertise level to turn it from what was a very traditional marketing organisation and relationship to something that’s been really quite transformative,” Pang told the IAB Measure Up conference in Sydney.

The major change Forster affected was in the area of digital. KFC was largely known for television advertising, an approach which has worked well for the business during the 50 years it has been operating in Australia. Forster said: “Everybody could see that this digital thing was important but what do you stop doing to start doing that?”