At a glance

KeVita is a beverage brand at the cutting edge of the latest drinks trends, but has used the tried-and-tested tactic of digital sweepstakes to connect with consumers.

Why it matters

Sweepstakes are a long-standing element of the marketing playbook, but can also be used to drive social media engagement and conversations around a brand. Connecting this activity back to a brand’s core positioning is also essential to avoid such competitions being a solely tactical endeavor.


  1. KeVita uses its sweepstakes to enhance its connections with travel and adventure, which are passion points for its core consumer.
  2. Offering prizes over a series of weeks enables to the brand to maintain interest for an extended period of time.
  3. A marketing strategy that taps various channels, and also leverages the power of influencers, enables KeVita to achieve significant reach.