As hard as any number of brands in any number of categories struggle to secure the credibility of third-party earned-media recognition, sometimes it just drops into your shopping cart.

“Eleven” is the name of a psychokinetic child character in Netflix’s “Stranger Things” science-fiction/horror series that debuted in 2016, and was the third most-watched season of the digital platform’s original content in the US at the time.

As luck would have it for the Battle Creek, Michigan-based Kellogg Co., the program’s writers gave their lead character a predilection for its Eggo brand (even though English actress Millie Bobby Brown admits she doesn’t particularly care for waffles).

So fierce was the character’s passion for the product that she would unashamedly walk into a grocery store to steal pack after pack of Eggo. And the acts were played out – brand face forward – in the first and second seasons of the show.