At a glance

JCDecaux argues that the growing addressability of digital outdoor media assets is enabling brands to use OOH as a performance channel.

Why it matters

OOH has long suffered from a perception among advertisers that it is difficult to measure. With marketers under pressure to justify ad spend and increase ROI, OOH budgets are at risk of being cut in favour of performance channels like social and search.

To combat this, outdoor media owners are emphasising the addressable qualities of digital screens, with advertisers able to dynamically amend creative assets to match the environment and context within which they are being viewed.


  • Advertisers can update DOOH creative much faster than previously, using data-sets such as location, sales and weather to ensure copy relevancy.
  • OOH media is becoming more measurable thanks to developments at research bodies such as Route, with advertisers soon able to target audiences based on 15-minute segments.
  • As outdoor media owners improve audience targeting tools, so too pricing models will change, with the cost of DOOH inventory likely to be based on the value of each site at that particular moment in the day.