Six-second ads have become an increasingly common feature of the advertising ecosystem, with YouTube, Facebook, and FOX among the vendors spreading this new format across digital and television screens.

To date, these short-form messages largely remain an area of experimentation for agencies and brands alike. Guidance for these early adopters, however, is now at hand thanks to a trio of studies conducted by MediaScience, the neuroscience research firm, and the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, a division of the School of Marketing at the University of South Australia.

One important learning? Short-form advertising often punches above its modest duration when it comes to effectiveness. As an example, the two organizations found that the average unaided brand recall from a seven-second ad stood at 9%. That total, by contrast, reached 15% for traditional 30-second messages and 12% for 15-second communications.

“Yes, the six-second unit is a viable ad model, and it does deliver value,” said Duane Varan, the CEO of MediaScience. “We are estimating that [value] at about 60% of the impact of the traditional 30.”