Insights help Twitter explain value in a global market

Ben DeJarnette

In an industry that often focuses on understanding the differences between various users and markets, Desiree O'Brien, a Senior Consumer Insights Analyst at Twitter, is trying to figure out how they overlap.

"As researchers, we're very good at uncovering what makes Japan different, or what makes millennials different," she told delegates at the 2016 New Face of Consumer Insights Conference held by the Institute for International Research (IIR) in Marina del Rey, California.

"But what is the global, consistent truth? I think we need to get better at building consumer profiles and consumer insights that transcend borders."

The goal at Twitter, O'Brien says, is to help the company build an optimized product and consistent brand across dozens of markets worldwide – something the ten-year-old social platform has struggled with. For example, a recent Fortune magazine article detailed the company's often inadequate attempts to answer a seemingly simple question: "What is Twitter?"