Why it matters

Having always sold inventory on the basis of scale and traffic, The Telegraph is now emphasising its role in delivering outcomes for brands throughout the purchase funnel.


  • Metrics offered by The Telegraph include a ‘viewable dwell’ to help generate awareness, ‘shoppable formats’ and ‘premium ad solutions’ for when advertisers are nearing conversion.
  • While MPUs at the top of the page attract higher CTRs, Telegraph subscription banners at the bottom of articles were four times more likely to drive a conversion.
  • Brands running static display ads in premium environments risk wasting the opportunity to achieve an impact with highly-engaged users.

The Telegraph is in a hurry, and it appears not to mind ruffling a few feathers along the way.

The UK news brand, owned by Telegraph Media Group, is in hot pursuit of its “10.1.23” target, as set out by chief executive Nick Hugh in 2018. The numbers represent its ambition to accrue one million paying subscribers from a pool of 10 million registered users by 2023.