The irony of the UK’s energy market, says Nils Leonard, a founder at the new creative agency Uncommon, “is that it has very little energy.” But his work for OVO Energy changed that – with an unapologetically adversarial platform, Uncommon took the brand to the front page of the internet, taking a swipe at the President of the United States along the way.

OVO Energy is a young company relative to its competition. Founded in 2009, its current offer is based on cleaner energy than that on offer from the big six energy suppliers with which it does battle in the UK. It has two electricity tariffs: one that is a third renewable, and another that is 100% renewable. Its proposition is something of a challenge to incumbents, bolstered, says Leonard, by its high customer satisfaction ratings. As a young challenger brand up against competition that is basically the definition of the status quo, any marketing strategy needed to focus on differentiating by saying something different about a category and redefining what a brand within that market could be.