How Unilever, Nestlé and the British Council harness the power of social good

Joseph Clift

Marketers have become increasingly focused on brand purpose over recent years. This trend is built on hard data, too: brands with a credible purpose see hard business results - as well as improvements in brand perception.

That was the main conclusion from ‘Harnessing the Power of Social Good', an event organised by global insight and brand consultancy Flamingo and the UK Account Planning Group (APG), and held in London in July 2016.

L-R: Godfrey, McDonald, Porter, Brooks (with Flamingo's David Burrows). Image source: Flamingo

"In the 13 years I've worked in this space, this is by far the most momentum we've ever had around brand purpose," said Victoria Brooks, director of strategic partnerships at The Comms Lab and one of the event's panellists. "It's becoming big business. There's something real there."

The business case for social good