The movie business is about a lot more than what appears on screen. Movies take months - years in some cases - to shoot, but a lot of work gets done beforehand in matters such as arranging finance, locations and assembling crew and cast. And what happens afterwards can be critical to the success or failure of a film: the efforts of the marketing side of the industry in making people aware of a new movie and getting them through cinema doors have become increasingly sophisticated and now involve their own elements of storytelling.

Movie marketing used to be primarily about reach but it’s now about “attentive reach”, according to Olivia McMonagle, digital marketing and publicity manager (EMEA) at Twentieth Century Fox. “People who are super-engaged, who have an emotional connection with our content are more likely to convert.” And that requires a different approach. Television delivers simple reach, but not necessarily the attentive reach that the studio wanted. And what works on TV certainly doesn’t transfer online.