How to win in China: Five lessons from FMCG's frontline

Anna Hamill

According to Stephen Maher, President of Mondelez China and President of Sales and E-Commerce AMEA for Mondelez International, it's no secret that "most" companies are struggling in China right now as the country's economic downturn continues against a backdrop of unprecedented change.

"China will have a period of rapid growth, and will slow down. This is not uncommon…China is (now) in the teenage years, and like any teenager, they're struggling with their identity. Most companies are finding this decade amongst the toughest in their company's history. And it will be probably the toughest they experience in China in their coming future," he said, at the Retail Congress Asia-Pacific event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Finding success in China in the current climate is going to be a reality check for many.